Meet Cecilia

Welcome to Cecilia’s Corner, I’m new in the blogging world so please be nice!

My name is Cecilia and I’m a 23 year old qualified Pharmaceutical Scientist. As much as I love science, working in the lab for the past four years have limited my creativity. I used to paint a lot and I also loved making little nicknacks from stuff I have lying around at home. I want my creative juices to flow as much as it used to and finally decided to set up this blog in summer 2014 as my platform. My other passions include makeup, skincare, easy DIYs, food and animals. This blog will include everything aforementioned and I really hope that I can also find some new friends and similar minds out there.

My style is eclectic. I am not massively influenced by the hottest trends out there but I do try to keep up every now and again. I just wear whatever I feel comfortable in and I also love unique, one of a kind pieces (I’m really into prints). Hence I love looking for weird and wonderful pieces on Ebay and flea markets.

My passion for animals and animal welfare is one of the most important things in my life. It is like eating, drinking and sleeping…it comes naturally,haha. I co-own (with my boyfriend Kieran) two super cute pugs called Molly and Bella, and a massive ginger cat called Ginger Bear. Three of them bring me so much joy in my mundane life and sometimes I think I gave birth to them. So you will get to meet them soon, hopefully! I will be writing posts on easy and healthy recipes to treat your pets and be prepared for some out-of-this-world-cute pictures of them. If you love animals, you will enjoy this blog. Can we be friends?

Did I mention that I love trawling the internet for some weird and wonderful stuff? Yep, I’m a random person so it’s only natural that I love random stuff that I don’t need in my life! I will have a Weird & Wonderful section coming up soon where I will test and review such products, huzzah!

This blog is still under construction so please be patient and stay with me🙂 Also, don’t be shy and leave me comments or emails if you have any thoughts and opinions in regards of what I have written. I would love to hear back from you! Let me be like a sister you’ve never had!

Cecilia x

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  1. Hey I nominated you for the Liebster award🙂

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  3. I nominated you for The Fashionista Award

    • Hi, thank you so much!! This is my second nomination and I will definitely get down to it asap!! Good luck with your entry and thanks again x

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