A Small Japanese Snacks Haul from Tofu Cute!!

Today’s post is a very different one from my other posts! I saw a Japanese snacks haul post two weeks ago from a bloggers here on WordPress and she got everything from this website called tofucute.com. Of course I had to have a snoop on the website and I couldn’t resist placing an order last week. The website also sells cute stationary, plushies and lots of other cute nicknacks but I only got some sweets to try out for my first order. Let me show you what I got🙂


Ramune Candy Soda Balls in a Bottle for €2

Apparently these sweets are super popular in Japan and they are also available in grape flavor. I really like the packaging, cute and convenient! These little sweets dissolves in your mouth and gives a little fizz. Doesn’t taste overly sweet or sour. Not my favorite so I won’t be getting more of them, unfortunately!

SAM_5557Saku Saku Panda Matcha Biscuits for €2.49

These are panda shaped green tea flavored biscuits and if green tea flavor does not float your boat then you can also get them in strawberry and chocolate flavor. I was feeling adventurous so I got this one! I have never tried any snacks with green tea flavor before so Im excited to taste them.

SAM_5561Meiji Watapachi Grape & Melon Popping Candy Floss

My inner child voice called out to me when I was browsing through Tofu Cute and I had to get some of these to try out. They’re not just any old candy floss, but they are also popping candy floss! I have high hopes for these🙂

SAM_5560Puccho in 5 different flavors; Grape Stripe, Soda, Watermelon, Miracle II and Pure Grape. They are also available in lots and lots of other flavors.

Yes, I know that I went a bit nuts with Puccho sweets… I got one of these babies when I was in Hong Kong earlier this year and instantly fell in love with them! They’re basically chewy sweets with some hidden surprises, super exciting! When you’re chewing, you’ll get a few hard jelly balls and their consistency is very unique so you’ll get more than just chewy goodness. Believe me, you have to try them to know what I’m talking about.

SAM_5563Along with my order, I also got this bonus sheet with cut out characters for my desk and vanity. I love simple and yet cute gestures like this! For everything above, I paid €17.60 in total plus €5.12 of shipping fee. It was pretty reasonable considering that these snacks are really hard to find. My package arrived within 1 week after my purchase.

SAM_5564Those are all of the items I got for my first order at Tofu Cute. I would recommend this website for those of you who likes Japanese snacks/stationary. Oh, they also have unique/limited edition Kitkat flavours such as red bean, green tea and strawberry. Go on, treat yourselves…you know you want to!

 I would love to know if you guys are adventurous with your food?? Would you try out snacks like these or maybe some of you are already fans of the weird and wonderful? Personally I love trying new things and I’m not fussy at all with my food, so yay for branching out to new snacks🙂

Until next time,

Cecilia x


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4 responses to “A Small Japanese Snacks Haul from Tofu Cute!!

  1. Ahhh.. everything has such cute packaging >.< I remember eating the Puccho candies back in Junior High and High School. I love trying new things.

    – Orchid

  2. Me i eat anything and everything hahaha, it looks really tempting, gonna check it out🙂

    • Good for you, hun! Yes, you should definitely check it out🙂 Great stuff and reasonably priced too x

      • Coool🙂

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