Memebox Special #22 2014 K-Beauty Wrap-Up No 1 Unboxing and Swatches

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Hey hey my lovely readers! Today I have a subscription unboxing and swatches for you beauty junkies🙂 This is my second Memebox! I have reviewed Memebox x Cutiepiemarzia box here if you would like to take a look. There is also a short intro on what Memeboxes are all about so I am just gonna jump straight into the K-Breauty box now, let’s take a look!

Taken from Memebox‘s website;

It’s 2014 K-Beauty uncensored! We spritzed, powdered, lathered and puckered up our way through thousands of products- all to find the ultimate 2014 K-beauty collection! This beauty box is loaded with only buzz-worthy K-Beauty skincare staples, makeup must-haves, hair and body essentials, and other beauty breakthroughs that were the hallmark of K-Beauty in 2014! You’ll enjoy true K-beauty with all these beauty expert approved goodies, and have all the tools to recreate the hottest Korean looks of 2014!


I must say that I am very disappointed after I had a look of what products were included in the box…From the description, I was under the impression that there would be lots of very exciting well known Korean products from brands such as Etude House, Skinfood, Tony Moly…just to name a few. Turns out that I don’t recognize ALL of the brands featured in this box. Don’t get me wrong, Im all about trying new stuff, you guys know that…but I will elaborate more at the end of the post.

Product 1: Secret Key Body & Dress Perfume Mist 80ml

SAM_5502There are 7 different scents in total and I got scent no 2. This is a perfume mist which you can spritz anytime throughout the day to freshen up. The smell is nice, quite soft with floral notes. I will keep it inside my office locker to spray after lunch.

Product 2: RiRe Lip Manicure 10 ml

This is a waterproof lip tint which promises to stay put even after talking and eating. There are 7 shades and I got the shade Pink Pink. SAM_5497SAM_5499I swatched it on my lips and took a picture, but I’m not gonna include it in this post because they looked so dry and chapped after putting this lip tint on😦 This is one of those lip tints which sucks every drop of moisture out of your lips to leave a matte finish. Not a big fan of it but at least the colour is wearable. I will layer this on top of moisturized lips next time!

Product 3: Secret Nature from Jeju Cream 50ml

This is a gentle face cream which is made from vegetable extracts which promises to create a more radiant and glowing complexion. the smell is quite herbal and it sinks into the skin quite fast. I will use it once I finish my current face cream. Meh product, nothing special.

SAM_5495Product 4: The Skin House Dr Clear Magic Stick Roll 15ml

This is a roll-on type spot treatment which can be used when the skin is in need of emergency care. Considering that I have pretty good skin and I almost never get breakouts (I know that I’m very lucky!), I will never find the use for this product. Therefore, it will sit in my stash for a while or I will be passing this on to someone else!

SAM_5501Product 5: Oseque Dual Sun Block 70ml

Mild sunblock enriched with natural ingredients and can be applied in 2 different ways, by squeeze nozzle or spray. Summer is definitely over in Ireland…all we’ve been getting is rain and clouds for the past couple of weeks. So into the hidden makeup stash it goes! SAM_5505Product 6: W.Holic Roll On Perfume 10ml

The name is pretty explanatory. There are 14 different fragrances to choose from and I got Lempicka. The smell is quite granny-ish in my opinion, but wearable nevertheless. It is handy to have as an on the go perfume. Another meh product. SAM_5503Overall, as you can tell…I feel quite disappointed with this Memebox. I would like to ask Memebox, how can I ‘recreate the hottest Korean looks of 2014’ with a suncream, face cream, spot treatment and 2 perfumes??! I won’t be buying anymore boxes from this collection. I’ve read a few unboxing blogposts for his box and let me tell you that other bloggers feel the same way too! I have a few different themed boxes coming soon, so I really hope that the contents will be a lot better than this one.

I have a few coupon codes for you guys if you are interested in purchasing some boxes!

Get $5 off on orders when you buy 3 or more Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE3
Get $8 off on orders when you buy 4 or more Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE4

$5.00 DISCOUNT for orders above $100 (valid 6/30/2014 TO 8/30/2014)

Use the code =AFFILIATE-7272-9R5SY-CABP

$10.00 DISCOUNT for orders above $150 (valid7/31/2014 TO 8/30/2014)

Use the code =AFFILIATE-1086-ALBAD-CSCB

As you guys know, I have been and will ALWAYS give my own very honest opinion on products I have tested. I am very enthusiastic about Memebox and their products, but I am definitely not biased when it comes to my reviews!

So that’s all for this post. Let me know what you think of this Memebox and if you have any unboxing/review posts, include the links in the comment section below so I can check them out!

Until next time,

Cecilia x

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