Y.E.T (Yes! Enjoy Time) Sweet Punch Tint Set Review

Hello my beautiful friends, hope you are all in good form! A few weeks ago, I got a few Korean makeup products and I’ve shown you what I got in my haul post. Today, I am reviewing the Y.E.T Sweet Punch tint set. Lately I’ve been doing a bit of research on this makeup brand, every single one of their product is super nicely and cutely packaged, I just cannot resist! Turns out that this Korean brand is pretty new in the market, it was established in 2012. I am really loving their selection of products, brand logos and packaging so I think that they are doing an amazing job! Let’s jump straight into the product review!

I got this lip tint set from an Ebay seller (iamloveshop) and they have a great selection of Korean makeup and skincare products at very affordable prices. I paid €11.82 for 3 bottles of lip tint, amazing value! They came housed inside this very pretty box, it would make a great present for any makeup addicts (or as a treat for yourself!).

SAM_5383There are 3 different flavours of lip tints, Orange Punch, Peach Punch and Cherry Punch. SAM_5380Very pretty little bottles! They are actually clear plastic bottles and the colours you see are the actual lip tints, they are super vibrant :)

SAM_5387SAM_5392As I mentioned in my haul post, I really love the illustration on their products! These girls have attitudes for sure yet they look cute and sweet!!

SAM_5385SAM_5379The instructions and product info is written in Korean so unfortunately I can’t tell you much! There is also a tip section on how to apply the lip tints to achieve the very popular Korean gradation lips which are commonly seen on many young Korean actresses and pop idols.

Swatches time!

SAM_5374Under natural light

SAM_5378-001After leaving the swatches on for 15 minutes, I wiped off the excess and here are the stains;

SAM_5394To be honest they all look pretty similar to me, you will get this pinky toned stains for Peach and Cherry Punch and for Orange Punch, the colour is slightly on the coral side. Swatches on my lips!


Bare lips


Orange Punch


Peach Punch


Cherry Punch

After the colour soaks in, you will get a film of gloss on your lips which is slightly sticky and tacky. It tastes sweet in an artificial way and personally, this does not bother me as it is gone within the first half an hour but if this does not appeal to you then you might want to look elsewhere! I don’t think these tints are suitable for cheek tints as they would leave your cheeks sticky. Among the three different flavours, I can’t tell the difference in taste.

I must warn you guys, Peach Punch tint is actually a lip volumising product! I got a bit of a shock after 10 seconds of applying this tint as I got a strong, tingling sensation on my lips. The sensation is not overbearing but if you are sensitive to these kind of products, you may want to reconsider! SAM_5390All 3 lip tints have the standard, doe foot applicators. In terms of longevity, the tints stayed put for around 3 hours. I reapplied after meal times to keep the colour fresh!

Overall, I am glad that I bought and tried this lip tint set. My favourite out of the three is the Cherry Punch as the colour is vivid, vibrant and it is perfect for summer. I would not repurchase this set in a hurry as there are so many other Korean lip tints I would like to try. I am also a fan of multi-functional products so for the fact that these only function as glossy lip tint products, I would look at other ones which won’t leave sticky residue after the tint sinks in (I can use for cheek tints).

So what do you think of these lip tints, would you purchase a set for yourself? Let me know in the comment section below!

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    • Ni Netti! Thank you so much, it is so sweet of you to nominate my little blog!! Sorry for the late reply and being MIA lately…I just got a new job and Im in the process of moving to Dublin city, so it’s all busy busy right now. Promise I’ll get around to it sometime soon, thanks again x

      • No problem, I’m glad to hear that you are busy, being busy is good thing. :) Good luck with moving and I can’t wait to read your post! :)
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  2. Omg the packaging for these are so cute >.< It is sad that there is a slight stickiness though. It is one of my pet peeves xD


    • Hi Orchid! Yeah I know, it is kinda annoying but it goes away after a few mins so it’s not too bad! You should look at their other products as they all have amazing packagings, it’s too hard to say no to cute stuff like these haha x

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