Don’t Throw Them Out! How To Clean Your Used Fake Eyelashes!

Don’t you just hate throwing your dirty, used fake eyelashes after one or two uses? I must admit that I do because it is like throwing money into my bin! Some fake eyelashes are not cheap…if you buy good ones, for example from Eylure, Ardell (€7-€10) or Benefit (€14), you want to be able to reuse them instead of throwing them out after one use, right? Well, in this post I will show you how to clean your used fake eyelashes using a very easy, non time consuming method. As always, it is a tried and tested method, you can trust me on this! Let’s get cleaning🙂 SAM_5398What you need;

A small container/bowl

Makeup cleanser. I used L’Oreal Skin Perfection micellar water.

A pair of slanted tweezers

A piece of tissue/lint free wipe


SAM_5399First, pour your cleansing solution into your bowl. I used approximately 1 tablespoon of micellar water. If you don’t have micellar water then you can use soapy water or a mixed solution of cleanser+water. SAM_5401Put your eyelashes into the bowl and swirl them around with the tweezers to make sure that they are completely soaked in the cleanser. Mine are actually submerged in the solution. SAM_5402Leave the eyelashes to soak for a bit (30 minutes minimum). I went to do the laundry whilst I was waiting! SAM_5403Time’s up! Take them out and put them on the tissue paper to dry. SAM_5405You can see all the glue bits here, they really needed a good clean! SAM_5409To make things a bit easier, start from one corner and work your way in. Gently pull the glue layer off. If you accidentally pulled the hair, don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it pretty quick🙂 Also, if you found that your cleanser is not strong enough to soften the glue, you can add a few drops of olive oil into the same solution, submerge the eyelashes, wait for a bit and try again. SAM_5413Look at all the gunk that came out of this pair of used fake eyelashes! SAM_5417I cleaned 2 out of 3 pairs of these fake eyelashes above, can you tell the difference between the new and the used ones? It’s hard to tell, right? They look brand new again!! The cleaning process for 1 pair of eyelashes only took me around 10-15 minutes and it was strangely relaxing and satisfying to pluck all the gunk off (told you I’m kinda strange, haha). You can reuse them approximately 4 or 5 times!

So yep, that is it! Hope you guys found this tip useful and you’ll clean your used fake eyelashes from now on, you will save so much money!🙂

Lots of love,

Cecilia x

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15 responses to “Don’t Throw Them Out! How To Clean Your Used Fake Eyelashes!

  1. This post is a life saver! I was wondering on how I could clean them- and I come across your post! Thanks for this! :*

    • Thank you so much girrlll😉 You can save so much money now by cleaning them after each use!

      • exactly!😀

  2. Great post, you can reapply lashes as many times as you want and not many people do, it saves so much money if you wear them regularly!! X

    • Thank you so much! Every little counts when it comes to beauty savings x

  3. I always clean mine too instead of throwing them out, saves me so much money. Great post!

    • Thank you so much! I only started doing his recently, cannot believe I threw out so many used pairs of fake eyelashes when I should have just cleaned them!

  4. That’s a great idea! I hadn’t thought of using makeup remover to clean false lashes.

    • Thank you so much hun! Yeah I was just so sick of spending money buying new pairs of fake eyelashes every so often! This cleaning method works really well to take off the glue/mascara/eyeliner bits🙂 Glad you found it helpful x

  5. Fantastic tip!! xo

    • Thank you so much🙂 Im so glad you found it useful x

  6. Awesome tip, thanks!

    • Thank you so much! Hope you’ll get to try it x

  7. I only wear falsies if it’s a night out and by the time I get home I just want to take everything off and sleep.. I lose all my falsies cause I can’t seem to find them in the morning! Thanks for the reminder that I should be more careful and less wasteful >.<

    • I don’t wear them that often too! If they annoy me/start to fall off then I wrap them inside a piece of tissue and stuff it into my clutch bag haha. Glad that you found this post helpful x

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