Four Nominees for Beauty Blogger of the Month (July) Vote NOW!!

It’s been an incredible month here at Cecilia’s Corner! I started this award at the beginning of this month and did not expect to receive so many entries! I received a total of 68 entries and it has been so lovely getting to know all of you beauty addicts out there. Not only I got to know your great personalities, I also learned a lot about other great products and makeup tips from reading through your answers. I really hope that you guys enjoyed writing the posts, nominating other bloggers and also getting to know them better too!

Well, it is nearly the end of July now (time flies when you are having fun) and it is also the time to pick a winner for this month’s beauty blogger. Let me remind you of the prize for that lucky lady with the most votes :) Benefit-Theyre-Real-Push-Up-Liner_lash-hugging-gel-liner-penShe will receive a brand new Benefit Push Up liner!! Yaasss!! I have entered all 68 entries into a randomizer and here are the nominees! Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 9.17.10 PM I have also created a poll in which you can vote for your fave nominee. Vote for July’s Beauty Blogger!

Sooo get voting now as the poll will be closed in exactly 3 days time. I will announce the winner on 31st August :)

I haven’t forgotten about the lucky comment nominee winner for the Love Alpha mascara set! I also used the randomizer and the winner isss….. Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 9.35.10 PM Fashion and Beauty by Eleni, congratulations!!

Thank you so so much to every single participant, I have read every single entry!! Please don’t be disheartened if you did not make it to this month’s top 4 nominees as you can enter again if you are nominated with different questions, I will put your name down for next month’s award!

It’s been a pleasure as always,

Cecilia x

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19 responses to “Four Nominees for Beauty Blogger of the Month (July) Vote NOW!!

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  2. I was nominated by Reify!
    Thank you for starting such a wonderful award system.
    Love the blog by the way!


    • Thank you so much, Chelsea! Gonna read your entry and other posts now x

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  4. Great job Cecilia! Thank you so much and good luck to the 4 selected nominees! ;) xx

    • You are welcome and well done x

  5. This is brilliant Cecilia, Thank you!! XXX

    • Well done and congrats x x

      • Just to clarify, voting closes on the 31st yeah? xxx

      • Yup around the same time I posted this, 9.30pm on 31st :) Good luck with the voting process x

      • Great, how exciting!xxx

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  7. I can’t believe I made the final four! It’s so exciting! Thanks so much for all your hard work Cecilia. What an awesome and fun way to discover new bloggers. Good luck to my fellow nominees! :-)

    • I am so excited for you too!! I have been enjoying the whole experience from getting to know other amazing beauty bloggers and great HG products too so it didn’t feel like work for me haha. Best of luck, you totally deserve it x

  8. Good luck.

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  10. Goog luck!!! Xx

  11. Yay, I’m so excited to be in the final 4!! Thanks again for doing this!! :)

    • Hooraayy!! Well done Karen :) The poll did not work for this post for some reason :( but I have provided a link which you can share with your readers. Good luck x

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