Cecilia’s Corner & Sosophisticatedbeauty’s Shopping Day Out! A Collaboration Post!

Last week, my friend Soso from Sosophisticatedbeauty told me that she saw a NYX counter at Shaws, I squeaked and squealed as this brand was not previously available in Ireland! As a makeup addict, of course I wanted to try a few things from NYX as I’ve read plenty of rave reviews from other beauty bloggers. So we decided to visit the counter together and pick up a few bits and pieces. Girls will be girls, we were so bold and we got extra stuff on top of the NYX stuff too! Have a look at what we got plus swatches as well🙂

SAM_5194First, we went to Shaws first and from the NYX counter, I picked up Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in 02 Gleam (€9.49), Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel (€6.49) and Jumbo Lip Pencil in 721 Soft Fuchsia (€5.49). SAM_5196SAM_5198Left to right; illuminator, lip gloss and lip crayon.

First impressions! The illuminators were available in 2 shades (light champagne pink and warm golden pink) and I chose the second shade because it looks better on my warm skin tone. You just need a tiny bit and this illuminator gives a very healthy, nice glow on the skin without being too glittery as the glitter bits are really fine (who likes looking like a disco ball?!). I will definitely make sure to fit this product into my makeup routine as I love the effect it gives!

We both picked up the butter gloss in Apple Strudel and I really enjoy wearing this gloss. First of all, it smells like sweet vanilla, the consistency is very buttery indeed and the gloss is not sticky! It is also pigmented enough to wear on its own. I think I will be picking more of these babies soon!!

The lip crayon….sighhh I really want to like this product but the smell really puts me off, big time!! It has a very strong smell of plastic cardboard/chemical😦 It is such a shame because the pigmentation and consistency are both so lovely! Maybe I just got a bad one from a bad batch, if you guys have this lip crayon please let me know if you have experienced the same problem too.

SAM_5216Next we got more makeup from Sam McCauley’s…as if we don’t have enough already haha. We were hogging the Catrice counter for a bit as there was a new limited edition stuff out and we couldn’t resist passing it without swatching a few items! I got the eyeliner pen in C01 Entering Atlantis (€3.49), nail polish in C01 Underwater Laugh (€2.99) and eyeshadow pen in C04 Mermaid It (€3.49). Swatches time! SAM_5220The eyeliner is very pigmented and it also applies very nicely as it has a fine tip nib. My hand was a bit dry when I was swatching this product, that’s why the liquid was bleeding a bit. This is my first blue colour eyeliner pen (I know, Im so not adventurous when it comes to eye makeup!) so Im excited to play around with it.

The eyeshadow pen is an equally gorgeous product. It is soft, applies very nicely with great pigmentation. Seriously guys, the picture does not do it any justice as it looks so incredible on the skin. I will also be picking more of these eyeshadow soon, they are available in blue and champagne pink.

Both products are super waterproof and long lasting, once it’s on, it’s on for the rest of the day…and the next day! After swatching them, I washed my hands with soap and they were still there. A+ for staying power! SAM_5221Last but not least, I picked up this nail polish and I am in love with this colour! It is in soft lilac and you can also see fine silver pigments through it. I have it on my toe nails at the moment.

SAM_5224We went to Boots next and saw that Dove just released a volumising hair care range. My hair is still in recovery after using the L’Oreal Elvive Fibrology shampoo and conditioner so I did not want to get more volumising shampoos or conditioners. I decided to go with the root volumising spray instead. I’ve used this once and I really like it so far! The smell is fresh (like ocean breeze) and the spray nozzle works wonders. I spritz this on my roots and blow dried as usual and it gave me a subtle but noticeable volume. Soso picked up the shampoo from this range so I am excited to see if it is working for her!

SAM_5225Both Soso and I are super into midi rings lately and we also couldn’t resist getting  a few from Topshop as they were having a big sale. The first two were €3.50 and the one on the right was €1.50. We were also taking about doing a post on midi rings soon so please keep an eye out for those posts!



SAM_5227Lastly, we shimmied our way to Penneys afterwards and found these gorgeous snake skin effect ballet pumps reduced from €11 to €5! Of course we had to get a pair each😉 these pumps looks very elegant, the quality and finish looks more than what we paid for! I also picked up these four way nail buffer pads for €1.50, they are so useful during manicure times to get even, shiny nail beds.

That what I got during our shopping trip! I didn’t go too mad but Soso got waaayyy more than me, this girl is crazy when she is shopping, haha. If you want to know what she got, read her post here🙂

We are such bad influences on each other as we are both total enablers. I always encourage her to get stuff and she does the same to me…but we give honest opinions as well if the stuff are not nice…that’s what friends do, right?

A massive thanks to Soso who suggested this collaboration post and maybe this could be the start of something new for our blogs! I had a super fun day and we will sure go shopping again soon🙂

See you all next time!

Cecilia x

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  2. Yet to try the butter glosses yet – but this colour looks fantastic!

    • You should try them, I really like the one I got. Smells divine too x

  3. OMG. You have to try NYX blushes,they are one of my favorites. Also I also recommend the butter gloss in peaches and creme😀


    • Hi Orchid, thank you so much for your recommendations, I will definitely check those products out! Yeah this brand is new to Ireland so I was wondering what products are nice etc so I really appreciate you letting me know the good ones🙂 x

  4. Girl, my post is wayyyylonger than yours! I really did go Cray Cray that day haha😀 Love that we did this together xx❤

    • Haha not really! Maybe you should have included the extra stuff too, you did go cray that day haha. Glad we did the colab too🙂 x x

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