Piri Piri Chicken Nando’s Style Under 30 Minutes!

Long time no easy recipe! Sorry guys, been busy with this and that lately. I have a real treat for you today, I am sharing my super easy Piri Piri chicken Nando’s style recipe with you! Everyone love Nando’s, right? But we can’t afford to go to Nando’s every weekend and the restaurants are only available in selected areas anyways…but do not fret because you can make these pretty tasty chicken yourself at home with minimal ingredients, preparation and cooking time! I guarantee the chicken will be super succulent, crispy on the outside whilst the meat stays moist inside! Are you convinced yet? Yes, let’s get cooking:)


6 large chicken pieces (preferably chicken on the bone) I chose chicken thighs but you can use drumsticks etc, anything you like!

5 tablespoons of cooking oil. I used rapeseed oil.

1 teaspoon powdered chicken stock. Alternatively, you can use 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

1 teaspoon turmeric powder.

1.5 teaspoons smoked paprika powder.

1 teaspoon garlic granules

Optional: A sprinkle of chili powder


1. Make deep cuts on the chicken pieces so that the spices can absorb into the meat and you’ll get a more crispy texture.

2. Make the spice paste by combining the oil, paprika, garlic, stock and turmeric.


3. Combine all ingredients until you get a uniform mixture.

SAM_50874. Pour the paste on top of the chicken pieces and rub it evenly

SAM_50885. Some like it hot! Add a sprinkle of chili powder on the chicken pieces (optional). I like it even hotter, so I added crushed chili pieces on top of that.

SAM_5091SAM_50936. Put the chicken pieces under the grill with medium-high setting for 20 minutes (until golden brown). The skin should be crispy! Make sure to check that the chicken is properly cooked (juices should be clear).

SAM_5102Serve them with pilau rice/chickpeas/couscous/noodles/chips! The are so versatile, they’ll taste great with any side dishes. Of course don’t forget the dip too. In the picture above, I had mine with mother’s homemade super spicy African chili sauce hehe.

This recipe is one of my favourite go-to recipe when I’m feeling too lazy to spend too much time in the kitchen as it only takes approximately 30 minutes to get an amazing, satisfying and filing meal:) I hope you guys will get to try it sometime soon, I’m pretty sure you will love it as much as I do!

Right, Im off to get a snack now. Let me know what you think and also tell me what you had for dinner last night, can you remember….hmm??😉

Cecilia x



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16 responses to “Piri Piri Chicken Nando’s Style Under 30 Minutes!

  1. Oh man this looks good! Thanks for sharing your recipe:)

    • Thank you so much, Amy! Have a go at it and tell me what you think x

  2. This looks delicious😀 Can’t wait to try to make it. Haha

    • You should definitely give it a go!! Thanks for stopping by x

  3. Looks delicious!

    • Thank you so much! It is delicious and easy, hope you’ll get to try it soon x

  4. This is my type of fooood… yummie

    • It was super delicious, you should give it a go!! Tastes amazing on bbq too x

      • I can tell from the picz.. chicken all day everyday, will definitely try it tomorrow :)… x

      • Haha if I could only choose 1 meat to eat for the rest of my life it would be chicken too😛 Thank you so much for stopping by x

      • i know right:) … works for everything:), ill be expecting more chicken dishes from you now heheh :)))

      • Uh oh, feeling the pressure now!haha. I’ll try my best to share my fave chicken recipes with you x

      • Hahahah gooodiee!! :))

  5. This looks sooo tasty!! Love the pictures!

    • Thank you so much!! Hope you’ll get to try it soon x x

      • Prob not this weekend as I am going away but I definitely will try it next weekend it really looks tasty!xx

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