Neon Zebra Nails

Hello lovelies! It’s been a while since I posted a nail art tutorial and today I have a super fun and cute design for you all! The design looks elaborate but it is actually very easy🙂 Let’s take your nail polishes out!

SAM_5128What you need:

White nail polish

Neon colour of your choice

Silver striper

Black striper (I ran out so I used black acrylic paint and a detail brush)

Top coat

Sticky tape

SAM_5131First, paint all of your nails white and leave them dry for a few hours (I left mine overnight). They have to be dry for the next step.

SAM_5137Cut the tape to 1/2 cm sections and place them diagonally on your nails.

SAM_5139Paint white sections of your nails with the neon colour.

SAM_5140Take off the tape. It might be a little bit messy but don’t worry about it as the next few steps will cover the mistakes.

SAM_5145Paint your zebra stripes with black striper/paint

SAM_5151Add silver lines where the white and yellow meets. Final step, put your top coat on and you are done!!

SAM_5152Super easy, right? I painted neon pink for my other hand and it is equally pretty🙂

SAM_5166Here’s a better pic which I took a while back!


Hope you’ll also get to try some of the designs as they are adorable and easy to re-create!

Let me know what you think of the nail art design and see you all next time🙂 Thank you for reading as always!

Cecilia x



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  2. Very beautiful 👍

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  3. OMG neon and zebra are my two favourite things together! I love how you did it! So artsy and fun!🙂 You have such great talent!

    • Awww thank you so much!! Glad you like the design and I hope you’ll get to try it soon x

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