Korean Makeup & Skincare Mini Haul!!

Yesterday my very kind postman delivered a package from Korea, it contained lots of products I’ve been dying to try! I bought a few interesting lip products and skincare for my Weird & Wonderful section, thought I’d share with you what I got!  Stay tuned and read til the end of the post to find out where I got all the products from😉 SAM_5107Here’s the breakdown of all the products!

Y.E.T Sweet Punch Tint Set, €11.82 and Sweet Punch Tint, €5.09 (1 bottle on its own for future giveaway) SAM_5111 SAM_5123Guys, the packagings are so super cute, I cannot even!! I know it’s silly buying products based on their packaging but seriously, I couldn’t resist! I love their mascot, this slightly angry-bald-freckly girl with a bandana. European brands should really put more effort into their packaging! The tint set contains 3 bottles of lip tints which I will review soon, so stay tuned for that🙂

V-Line Slim Patch Chin Lifting Mask, €3.68 and Tony Moly AC Control Patch, €2.57 SAM_5112-001The chin mask looked intriguing and I will probably do a more detailed review in my Weird & Wonderful section as who need a chin mask?? I just had to get it because I have never seen anything like it before! I got the mother of all spots last month and I thought to myself, I would like something to hide/soothe it. It was big, red, angry and ugly! Hopefully this patch can reduce the size and inflammation of any future spots.

Holika Holika Glossy & Silky Lipsticks €6.64 each SAM_5114 SAM_5115Again, the packagings are simply adorable and the shape of the lipsticks are irresistible too! These lipsticks are considerably smaller than my other normal lipsticks. The one on the left looks like neon orange in colour but it is actually a soft coral. I am a sucker for mauve MLBB colour, so I had to add another one to my collection! Contemplating to get more before I write a detailed review.

Total spent = €36

Free samples! I bought six products and got 10 samples, madness! In Ireland getting free samples is like getting blood out of stone, cosmetic counters here are so stingy…. Korean beauty brands are known to be generous with giving away free samples in the hope that you might purchase the products if you get hooked after trying them, smart!! I got anything and everything from a face mask to a nose strip, yaaayy! SAM_5120American/EU cosmetic industry need to learn more from the Korean’s. Good quality products, insanely cute packaging, reasonably priced and tons of free samples on top of that. A girl cannot ask for more! I got everything from this Ebay seller, iamlove-shop. Their customer service is excellent (responded quickly), shipping is free and lightning fast (shipping from Korea to Ireland only took a week) plus they’ll give you tons of free samples as you’ve seen above! I will definitely buy more stuff from them soon.

To be honest, lately I’ve been buying less and less cosmetics from Boots or Debenhams because they are simply too expensive and at times I’ve been disappointed with the quality of the products. Seriously, 1 bottle of lip tint from Benefit is €34.50, that’s only €1.50 less than the total price of everything I got above! Beside the price tags, the packaging of the products are also plain and boring. Yes, as you know I love products with a sprinkling of quirkiness and cuteness so for those reasons, I will be buying more Korean and Japanese brands from now on.

That marks the end of the haul! Are you guys into any Asian makeup brands? If you are, perhaps you can share with us some of your favorite brands🙂 If you would like me to review any of the products please let me know in the comment section below!

See you next time,

Cecilia x

22 responses to “Korean Makeup & Skincare Mini Haul!!

  1. Those lipsticks are too cute! How well did the colour last?

  2. These are some seriously cute products! Score~

    • You should have a look at their Ebay shop, they have tons of cute Korean goodies! X

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  4. everything looks so cute!! great haul!

    • I will be doing more detailed reviews soon so stay tuned for those. Thank you so much for stopping by, Cherry x

      • Cool! And that’s a very good seller for k-beauty products. Need to bookmark it🙂

  5. Squeee! My friend Angela and I are obsessed with Asian cosmetics, as you can tell from our blog. I love Tony Moly, PeriPera, Lavshuca, Koji, and so many moreeeeeeeee. Love your haul! I hate ordering from Asia because it seems to take soooooooo long😦

    • Haha I love Asian cosmetics too! The packagings are sooo cute, I just can’t resist! Thats why I can’t save up😛 You should order from the Ebay seller I mentioned, I think they use express shipping, it is super fast🙂
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting x

  6. What lovely items!! Hopefully I can try some of them out soon

    • Koreans have the cutest products ever!! Buy from that Ebay seller, you won’t regret it!! Thanks for reading x

  7. Those heart lipsticks are soooo cutee!

    • I just had to get them, they are super cute! Thinking of getting more as they’re so affordable x

      • They really are! Xx

  8. I have ordered a lot of my Korean products from that ebay seller!!! Always so pleased with them!!

    • Im very pleased too! Their service is excellent and I’ll be buying more from them🙂 have you bought any new Korean makeup lately?

      • I haven’t bought any new makeup lately…which is unfortunate because I desperately want some!
        The last things I ordered were some Tony Moly products. I got Tomatox, Appletox, and the Egg Pore balm…thing…I can’t remember it’s actual name. I really want to get some new makeup products from Etude House because their packaging is so cute! So, I know exactly what you mean about buying things because of their packaging!

      • I am sooo bad with buying stuff because they look cute!! It makes me happier seeing those instead of products with plain packaging haha. Seems like we have the same taste! You should look into Y.E.T cosmetic, it’s pretty new but they have tons of super cute stuff. I love Etude House too, especially the nail polishes and lip products! Too much makeup, too little money x

  9. I can’t wait to see more of the Y.E.T tint set!!

    • Definitely! I’ll be doing a detailed review soon. The packaging is simply amazing! Thanks for checking out my post x

  10. Those heart shaped lipsticks are adorable, I have to get them. I loved this post, you’re blog is one of my favourites!
    Also, I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! If you’re not interested that’s fine, but if you are here’s a link to my post so you can see what to do🙂 http://katybutlerblog.wordpress.com/2014/07/18/the-versatile-blogger-award/
    Thanks! x

    • I love, love Asian cosmetics because they have the most amazing packaging and product designs!! Thank you so much for your lovely feedback🙂 Amazing bloggers like yourself motivate me to be better at blogging everyday!!
      I will definitely check out your post and hopefully will get to do a post on it myself super soon. Thanks a million for the nomination, you are so sweet x

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