Join the Craze!! Make Your Own Loom Band Bracelets Without Looms

Earlier today, I joined the loom band bracelet making phenomenon. It seems like every second person have these loom bands and proudly present their DIY bracelets on their wrists. At first I didn’t have much of an interest on this craze as I thought they were for kids and even if I wanted to wear the bracelets, I also thought I might look a bit childish…but look at who is also supporting this craze recently!!kate-middleton-et-son-rainbow-loom-273880_w429 Yes, Kate Middleton herself! I was in town earlier and I could not escape the pressure of buying a few bags of these loom bands…seriously, they were in EVERY shop!! Of course I caved in and came home with two bags with me haha. I was also excited to make a few bracelets for myself😉 SAM_4999I went in to Claire’s and Michael Guineys. I got a bit ripped off from Claire’s…look at the price difference! But I must admit, Claire’s had a better colour selection than other places, the loom bands are solid in colour, not transparent. They also had little bracelet making kits where plastic looms were included inside the kits, but I was not prepared to spend €15 for a packet of rubber bands and a plastic tray! SAM_5001Guiney’s packet: 300 rubber bands, looping stick and S clasps. Claire’s packet: 300 rubber bands, instruction sheet and C clasps. I did not use the instruction sheet as the bracelet looks very basic. I was in a mood for a bit of a challenge!

Let’s make some bracelets together!! Below, I will show you THREE different ways which you can wear these bracelets: Standard fish tail braid, triple fish tail braid and inverted fish tail braid. The best part about making these bracelets is, you won’t need a loom! Let’s get started!🙂 SAM_5041-001 SAM_5044This was my set up earlier. You can use two of your fingers or pens/pencils/markers to make the bracelet making process easier. Being Asian, I chose chopsticks instead, haha. I also found it easier to separate the rubber bands according to their colours.

1. Regular Fishtail Braid


Start with colour 1. Loop a figure 8 into the sticks


Put in two rubber bands: colour 2 & 3 without figure 8 loops


Loop colour 1 above the stick


Continue with the other side


After the full loop, continue with colour 1 again and repeat the same step with colour 2



You will see the bracelet taking it’s shape the more you braid🙂


Measure it’s length against your wrist


When you are happy with the length, take it off the sticks and you will be left with an open end



Tadah! Your bracelet is done❤

2. Triple Fishtail Braid


Same step but this time use 3 rubber bands of colour 1


Introduce colour 2


Loop colour 1

SAM_5066 SAM_5068


Continue from here onwards using the same steps as above

3. Inverted Fishtail Braid


Start with the same steps as regular fishtail


Here’s the tricky bit! Pull DOWN colour 3 and loop colour 2 over



Continue with the same steps, remember to pull down the middle rubber band and loop over the lowest band up!


Differences between regular and inverted fishtail. Both are really pretty🙂


Here’s me wearing 3 of them!

I personally think that they look nice with casual clothes and I also had a lot of fun making them! The more you practice, the better you’ll get at it. I must admit, I did get confused a few times and I had to start from scratch…but don’t be discouraged, stick with it and be patient ok? You can invite your siblings or friends to make these and guaranteed, you will have lots of fun too🙂

So that’s it, hope you will try to make them sometime soon and I also hope that my tutorial above is clear and easy to follow! I tried to make it as simple as I could but if you get confused or if you have any questions please don’t be afraid to ask me🙂

Have fun and see you next time!

Cecilia x

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  2. I have been trying to find a rainbow loom – they’re all sold out where I live. This looks so fun! I totally want to try making some.

    • Oh hope you’ll get to find one soon!! These are super popular lately, seems like everyone is on the bandwagon! Thanks for stopping by and have fun making loom band bracelets x

  3. Omg my niece is obsessed with these xD

    • Haha they are everywhere!!

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