Sasatinnie SNAIL MUCUS Masks Review!

Welcome to my first post in the Weird & Wonderful section of this blog where I will be sharing my random and unusual findings with you!

Yes, you read it right! Today I will be sharing my thoughts on Sasatinnie Snail Mucus masks with you guys! I got these masks from Sasa during my trip to Hong Kong a few months ago where a beauty consultant at the checkout recommended them. They were made in Korea and apparently they are super popular in Asia, Sasa’s bestseller products! Snail mucus is a pretty common ingredient in Asian skincare and after doing some research, I found out that it’s been used since 1990’s. More recently, public demands skyrocketed after celebs such as Katie Holmes and Ashley Roberts admitted that they’ve been using products with snail mucus to keep their skin healthy and glowing! Hey, if it’s good for them, it’s certainly good for me😉

There are actually spas where you can get snail facials…yes they put live, healthy snails on your face to glide and…do their thing! I don’t know about you guys but that’s taking it one step too far…I wouldn’t be able to sit still with slimy, gliding snails on my hand, never mind my face!


A relaxing facial, anyone?

Anyways, that’s the background info, let’s jump straight into the product review! These masks are sheet masks, which are rare in the European beauty market. Most masks I have seen in Boots and pharmacies comes in little sachets or bottles and you slap on the product in cream form directly onto your face. Personally, I prefer the sheet masks because they are much more convenient to put on and dispose afterwards.



The back of the packaging outlines the benefits of snail mucus which includes ‘dissolving abnormal tissues and boosts the generation of new skin cells’. This mask also has 5 kinds of roots which moisturizes the skin. Big claims indeed!

Initial thoughts: The masks are nicely packaged. Inside the pouch, you will find a cotton sheet soaked in plenty of essence. Here’s a picture of me using the mask, I know I look very attractive wearing it late at night in my bathroom, haha. I used it before I went to sleep as I wanted to test the mask against its many claims. There was plenty of essence left at the bottom of the pouch so I applied this on my neck and the back of my hands. I am not sure how much snail mucus is actually present inside the pouch but it is listed as the 12th ingredient in a total of 16 ingredients, so not a lot I’d say! Let’s not image how they extracted the mucus in the first place, just relax and think about flower fields…

SAM_4855The essence has an unusual consistency. It is not runny, but a bit jelly-like. I found that the amount of essence soaked in the mask was exactly right, it did not run down my neck or became too dry after sitting on my face for a few minutes. I left it on for about 20 minutes, as recommended on the back of the packaging. You don’t need to rinse your face afterwards, just pat the essence on your skin for maximum skin absorption. You will be glad to know that this product is actually fragrance free! I did not pick up on any funky smells and using the mask was a pleasant, relaxing experience🙂


Final thoughts: I really like this mask! After I removed it, my skin felt soft and moisturized. There was no sticky residue left at all and when I woke up in the morning, my skin was nice and hydrated. Obviously, I’ll need to use these masks regularly to benefit from the anti-ageing effect. It should be used once or twice a week for maximum results.

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I would also love to hear what you think of this product after reading the review, would you like to try it or are you too grossed out by the idea?

Chat soon,

Cecilia x

15 responses to “Sasatinnie SNAIL MUCUS Masks Review!

  1. Awesome site, thanks for sharing !!

    • Thank you so much for stopping by hun x

  2. Can you post a link to your Facebook page? I am new to this and on my phone I cannot find the widget! I will be liking as “Gabriella Marra”.

    • Hi Gabriella! Here is the link to my blog’s FB page:
      Thank you so much for participating in the contest! That sandwich sounds weird but I guess I’d never know until I’ve tried it haha x

      • It was very weird! Tasted muddy… That’s the only word I can think of to describe it lol. But those face masks are really cool! Hope I get to try it out. Interesting blog!

      • Thanks hun! I don’t have many entries so far so you have a good chance of winning x

  3. you are brave my friend! Haha I think I would probably try it though… I want to!

    The weirdest thing I’ve done is I had a cow spleen sanwhich in Italy while I was in Sicily. It’s called “milza”.

  4. the weirdest thing I ever tried is actually eating snails, it was slimy and had a weird texture:/

    • Haha I used to eat snail curry when I was younger…I wouldn’t eat it now though as I’d get too grossed out! Thank you for sharing your weird experience x

  5. Nice post! I may have to try that!

    • Thank you! Enter the giveaway and you might get the chance to try them🙂

  6. I have tried things made with snail mucus before like the Tony Moly ones. I really like it but have to say at the beginning I was kind of grossed out. xD


    • Oh do you use those masks often? At first I was a bit apprehensive too but Im glad that the gel is unscented! I do find them moisturizing and I really like them so far x

  7. Your blog makes for one of the most interesting read currently in my feed!

    • Thank you so much! I aim to please🙂

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