L’OREAL Elvive Fibrology Thickening Range REVIEW – Before & After

It’s every girl’s dream to have long, thick and voluminous hair, right? It is my dream to have long, Rapunzel like hair…but we can’t have it all! Well, we can at least try to get one step closer and if you are a beauty junkie like me, you have probably seen this new haircare range by L’oreal EVERYWHERE! It is the new Elvive Fibrology Thickening haircare range and it is currently available in your local drugstore/supermarket. These products initially intrigued me as L’oreal promises that ‘the hair fibre can be expanded wash after wash’, and I thought, ‘wow I have to try these myself!’. I got mine from Boots when they were having their 3 for 2 offer. Shampoo (250 ml) costs €3.99, conditioner (250 ml) costs €3.99 and the booster (30 ml) costs €7.69. I purchased the smaller sized bottles as I didn’t want to end up wasting the products and my money if I dislike them.



The full range

I have been using the shampoo, conditioner and booster for the past two weeks so I can tell you how well the products are working for me. A little background info, my hair is long and heavily layered. It is a little bit on the thin side😦 but I love having long hair. As the hair gets longer, I also find it harder to achieve and maintain volume in my hair…that’s why I had to try these out immediately! Excuse the grubby state my products, I just plucked them out of the shower!



The consistency of this product is a bit runny. It’s certainly not as creamy and heavy as Head & Shoulders! This shampoo lathers like crazy, you don’t need much of it to cover the hair from root to tip. It has a light, floral scent which I enjoy very much, the scent is not overwhelming and it lingers on the hair for approximately half a day – one day max. One negative thing about this shampoo is….it is loaded with sulphate! After using it a few times, my scalp became itchy and dandruff started to appear😦 I would advise you to look elsewhere if you have sensitive scalp. I will be giving this shampoo to someone else soon as it does not suit my scalp at all!



This is a gel which you should apply BEFORE conditioner from root to tip and whist it is still on your hair, apply the conditioner on top of it and wait for a few minutes to work its magic. Sounds confusing, I know! This product is very unique as I have never tried anything like it before. The recommended amount you should use for this product is 50:50, booster : conditioner. The product feels light on the hair, almost like water. One major complaint I have about this product is…you certainly don’t get a lot for your money! The tube is small with only 30 ml of booster gel in it and after using it for two weeks, it is nearly empty! As you can see in the picture below, it’s a very runny gel and it’s also really easy to squeeze out more than you need. I’m not sure if this product makes a lot of difference in my haircare routine so I won’t be repurchasing it in a hurry.



This product looks and feels very creamy. It distributes well on the hair and also washes off easily without leaving any residue. After the final rinse, my hair felt light and I did not experience that familiar silkiness on my after I washed off the conditioner. I checked the ingredients list and glycerin is not listed. This conditioner also has the same light floral scent as the shampoo. There’s nothing more I can say about this product! Verdict – meh…I wasn’t blown away or disappointed, it is an ok product!


Here are the before and after pictures. I took the before one about two weeks ago and the after one was taken a few hours before I wrote this post, I did run a straightening iron through my hair for the after pic.






Final thoughts – Is it just me or my hair looks a lot healthier in the before pic?? The ends of my hair feels a bit dry now and they also look a bit ratty…I must say that the conditioner is not moisturizing enough for my dry-ish hair. Nevertheless, I will continue using it just for the sake of not wasting the whole bottle. Overall, I am glad that I tried this range but I certainly won’t be repurchasing any of the products anytime soon.

So that is is for my review! Will you try out any of the L’oreal Elvive Fibrology products? Let me know in the comment section below🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and please follow me, I have loads more exciting stuff to come!

Cecilia x


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20 responses to “L’OREAL Elvive Fibrology Thickening Range REVIEW – Before & After

  1. I Thought volumizing shampoos caused hair to dry out, cause it strips the hair to create volume. I’m disappointed that thickening shampoos do that too.

    You mentioned in a comment that you use head and shoulders. Is it the thickening one?

    • I know, I was so disappointed too!! I use all sorts of head and shoulders but funny enough I haven’t tried the thickening one, have you??

      • No, I have not actually. I’ve heard great things about it though- waiting to get my hands on it! It’s been a bit hard to find where I am.:/

  2. I noticed results with this in terms of hair appearing fuller, but my scalp feels fried – so itchy & flaky – gross! On to the next!

    • It is super duper drying and I am so disappointed with this haircare range😦 Hope you’ll find a good volumising shampoo soon!

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  4. Hey, awesome post! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve tagged you to do the ’15 Things I Wont Wear Tag’. You can check out my post on it here, http://thestylishbum.wordpress.com/2014/07/09/15-things-i-wont-wear-tag/ Have a great day!

    • Aww thank you so much!! I am gonna check it out now🙂 thanks again for the tag x

  5. thanks yo your experience, i won’t buy this products!! i was a bit interested in them , but now i think i will buy the same shampoo as usually! Do you know a good shampoo , not too expensive😉 , for my hair? they are always dry D:


    • Hi Elena, thank you for taking the time to read my post and leaving your thoughts, I really appreciate it🙂 I have been using Head n Shoulders for the past couple of years and I always go back to it because other shampoos tend to not agree with my scalp!! But I heard about this line called Tail n Mane and they were originally formulated for horses, celebs started using them and boom! It became a cult product! I really want to try it as I’ve heard plenty of rave reviews from others saying it works wonders on dry hair, maybe you can try it for your dry hair too? X

      • wow!! For horses?? that sounds amazing😀😀 i hope my hair are not dry as the mane of horses😀 !THanks for replying!! i will try😀


      • Yep it was for horses, now humans can use it too haha. Seriously, you can get this range from the pharmacies. I might get a bottle of shampoo and conditioner soon and review it so please check back x

      • Yees sure😉 Thanks!!🙂🙂

        xxx from Italy

  6. Have you tried the Living Proof Full line? I, fortunately, have zero problems in the fullness category. However, have curly hair and deal with frizzies and dryness so I’ve used their No Frizz products and loved it. It’s hard on the wallet but worth it. Plus, all the products are Sulfate and Paraben free! Major plus.

  7. Hi,
    Thankyou for making this blog post!
    I have been intrigued about these products for a bit now, and was close to buying as I have quite thin, long, straight hair.
    But now I know to avoid this product and save myself some money! Thankyou xxxx

    • Hi, no problem at all! I enjoy trying out new products and writing about them afterwards, so lots more reviews coming up! My hair is like yours and I was really disappointed with the products, unfortunately😦 glad this post was helpful to save you some money x

  8. Your hair actually looks thicker in the before pic! I definitely won’t be buying this range-was going to after my pantene stuff runs out xx

    • Yeah unfortunately it dries out the hair! Such a shame, I really wanted to see good results from using this range😦

  9. I was intruiged by this stuff but some of my friends have said the same thing – they’ve noticed a difference but their hair is mega dried out! Think I will stick with my herbal essences for now xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

    • Hi Jasmin, I am kinda disappointed with the products too, Id say keep your money and look elsewhere or stick with your current routine! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I’ll be checking out your blog🙂

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