Easy DIY: Make Your Own Cooling Cucumber & Mint Face Mist!

It’s been really warm and sunny here in Ireland for the past two weeks (not that I’m complaining!) and when I was out and about earlier, I thought it would be great to have a bottle of cooling facial mist in my bag! There are a few facial mists available in the market, for example Evian water facial mist which retails at approximately €10 or Caudalie beauty elixir which retails at €15. Well, same some cash for the ice cream van because in this post, I will be showing you how to make it from three ingredients for less than €5! This facial mist is great as it is travel friendly, nourishing without being sticky on the skin and very cooling on a hot day! It was tried and tested by yours truly :) Let’s go and make a bottle for yourself now!!

What you need:

Half a cucumber, cubed (1 cucumber = 59c from Aldi)

3 mint leaves (free from the back garden)

2 or 3 vitamin E capsules (less than €1)

Spray bottle (€2.35 from Boots)


Put cucumber, mint leaves and 50 ml of water into the food processor. Blend on high speed.




Pass the mixture through a sieve


Pierce vitamin E capsules with a sharp knife and squeeze the oil into the spray bottle. Vitamin E acts as a preservative, two capsules should be enough but I added another capsule for extra goodness.


Fill the spray bottle and give it a good shake!


You are done! Your own cooling facial mist, yaayy!!


You can use the sieved mixture as a cooling face mask, it’s too good to throw away! Add a tablespoon of honey to make the face mask stick better onto your face and also to nourish the skin.


Feel free to add more cucumber, mint leaves or Vit E capsules if you prefer! Keep the face mist in the fridge when it is not in use and it should stay fresh for approximately two weeks.

That is it for this post. Get making and let me know what you think of this face mist :) As always, thank you for taking the time to read my post!

See you next time,

Cecilia x

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15 responses to “Easy DIY: Make Your Own Cooling Cucumber & Mint Face Mist!

  1. What a great idea, can’t wait to try it :)

    • Thank you and please let me know what you think after you’ve tried it x

  2. This is such a good idea! The fact that you can use the leftovers in a face mask is even better!

    • Thank you, Amy :) yup it was too good to throw out so I thought it would make a great cooling face mask!
      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts x

  3. That sounds really nice! I just might have to try making this sometime! :)

    • Do try it, it is so quick and simple! You will be glad to have this in your handbag on a hot day :)

      • I definitely will! :)

  4. Great idea! Can you still spray this on over makeup? Can’t wait to test this out :)

    • Yes you can! It wont mess up your make up and it’s also really light, so your face wont feel sticky at all :) thanks for reading and happy trying x

  5. Thanx for checking out my blog! (And sure I think we should follow each other) This is a great post! Think i’m gonna try it!

    • Aww thank you so much! It’s super simple to make and you will be glad to have it in your handbag for those hot summer days :) Let me know what you think!

      Cecilia x

      • Sure! Do u knw any homemade remedies for a sun burn? Yesterday I caught some sun, but apparently I didn’t wear adequate sun block!

      • Oh no! Aloe vera is really good to soothe sunburn, break off a small bit and rub the gel directly on the skin. If you don’t have aloe vera then try coconut oil, yogurt, baking soda (make it to a paste) or avocado is great to help the healing of sensitive skin. Hope you’ll feel better soon :)

      • Thanx! I’m REALLY glad u found my blog…cause in turn I found urs!!!

      • It was meant to be! Don’t forget to apply sunscreen with high SPF from now on :) and hope the home remedies will work x

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