Mermaid/Daenarys Waves with Deep Barrel Waver – Easy Summer Hair

Hi guys! I’ve been wearing my hair like this for the past couple of weeks and I really like the way it looks, especially for the summer, so I thought I’d share with you all the products I used in this post :)

I used Babyliss Deep Barrel Waver, which I got from Argos last year for less than €40. Seems like they’ve been discontinued as I couldn’t find them on Argos’ website, but an alternative item is Tony & Guy Deep Barrel Waver which retails for €44.99.



Here is what the Babyliss one looks like. You can change the heat setting according to the look you’d like to achieve, low heat-relaxed waves, high heat-tighter waves. The heat variable setting is between 150-220 and I always have mine on 170-not too low and not too high.

Believe, it was really hard to take pics whilst I was styling the hair…plus I did not want to get burned haha. It was really easy, I sectioned my hair to three sections and clamped 2 inch sections. One very important tip I can give you is to clamp DIRECTLY UNDER the section you have just clamped ie. leave the hot clamped section of the hair alone and continue clamping underneath that section. Otherwise, you would end up with this 90’s CRIMPED hairstyle…I learned it the hard way first time I tried this tool! I applied two drops of my Ojon hair oil to prevent flyways and frizz.

Here’s what my hair looks like non-styled. The length is long and it is also heavily layered.


After! Clipped the fringe back because it is at an awkward length.


I prefer it on the second day, when it is more relaxed.


Second day hair!

Hmm this hair style really reminds me of mermaid’s hair or even better, Daenarys’ hair!! *Game of Thrones crazy fan moment* ;)


She’s so pretty!

So that’s it for this post, it’s a super short one! Tell me what is your favorite hairstyle for this summer in the comment section below and as always, thank you fore reading and have a fun day ;)

See you soon!

Cecilia x

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15 responses to “Mermaid/Daenarys Waves with Deep Barrel Waver – Easy Summer Hair

  1. gorgeous!

    • Thank you, Brooke! x

      • You’re welcome! :)

  2. Hey Girlfrannn! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award. check it out here:
    I really love your blog and hope you join in! Thanks for all you do! Xoxo Chelsea

    • Awww thank you so much hun and I will definitely join the fun in that award super soon!! Thanks again Chelsea x

      • Thank you!!

  3. This is gorgeous! I heard good things about babyliss, but this seems fantastic as well. You’ve got gorgeous hair ;)

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment :) You should get one, works wonders on thin/straight hair (which I have, my hair is not that fab haha) and it will only take you 20-30 mins max to do the full head. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts x

  4. Them curlers are amazing.They really suit your hair.Good job😄

    • Aww thank you so much hun, it’s a really easy hairstyle. Perfect for the summer x

      • No problem it’s a really nice hairstyle perfect for this great weather too.

  5. :O Your hair is so beautiful ^_^ Love the look! Mine hair is a similar length, but so frizzy+they hate staying in locks! I need to try that Ojon hair oil you mentioned o.o Only two drops needed? It must be very effective!

    • Thank you so much! This hairstyle was so easy to achieve, you should try it :) this hair oil is amazing, nourishing yet not greasy! Here is the link to the product if you are interested:

  6. Looks fantastic! Definitely inspired me to curl my hair today! xo

    • Aww thank you! It’s super duper easy and it’s something different from the traditional curly hairstyle x

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