Eyelash Transplant Relian Mascara REVIEW – For short, sparse lashes

Hello, hello dearest friends! Hope you are all keeping well :) It is a sunny Monday afternoon here in Kilkenny and today I will be introducing you to the latest beauty craze, eyelash transplanting gel and fiber. It sounds scary at first but I promise the process is actually quite simple and I will show you step by step on how to achieve crazy long, voluminous eyelashes, yaaayy!!!

A little bit of background info – I have short, sparse lashes and they point downwards so I am always trawling the internet to look for a product that can give them a bit of an oomph. I have tried lots and lots of mascaras from countless brands (both high end and drugstore) and at one point, I got so sick of being disappointed EVERYTIME! Those mascaras cannot hold the curl for five minutes, never mind all day!! Some mascaras clump, some are too dry or too wet, the list is endless…so I decided to look elsewhere, mainly Asian brands.I came across this Chinese brand called Relian and they specialize in eyelash transplanting gel and fiber and I was immediately intrigued. Fiber mascara is not a foreign concept in Asia, I think nearly every Japanese mascara contain fibers! That’s because Asian lashes tend to be shorter and more sparse :( If you are blessed with long and luscious eyelashes, lucky you…I’m jealous! Of course I am not saying that this mascara is exclusive for Asian lashes only. If it can sprinkle a little bit of magic dust onto my sad eyelashes, imagine what it can do to yours!!

European & American beauty market have recently caught up with this craze and believe me, the price tags are ridiculously high! For example, Freeze Frame Instant Lash extension costs €36.99 (fiber mascara) and Too Faced Better Than False Lashes costs €44 (transplanting gel + fiber), both can be found in Boots. I managed to get my hands on the Relian mascara on Ebay for €6.28 to be exact plus free shipping!! Crazy price difference, right? Ok bet you really want to see it in action now, don’t you?? Let’s jump straight into the review :)

Packaging – Insanely nice and high quality for something that costs €6.28!! There are two tubes and they arrived inside a black case and the tubes rests on a silk material. The presentation is A1! It would make a great gift for any beauty addicts out there :)It also arrived with a card on how to apply the product and the results you should get from using them. Their slogan is a bit weird, ‘ Novel concept eyelash bushy’. Why chose the word ‘bushy’…it just don’t sound that good for a mascara slogan haha. Some Asian products may have weird slogans due to direct translation.



relian-mascara_133Initially, I was skeptical…According to the card, you can ‘extend and thicken your eyelashes up to 300%’, really?? It looked too good to be true! I opened the first tube – the mascara tube, and it looked like a normal mascara but with the consistency of a gel. The brush is made of synthetic material.



Then I opened the smaller tube – the fiber tube, I was like…’ehm what is this!!’ It looks like a small, furry black caterpillar haha. I rubbed the wand against my working surface and little fibers came out. This fiber is the key magic ingredient to build up the lashes.SAM_4661


Ok let’s move on to the application. As instructed on the card, the gel should be applied first and whilst it is still WET, follow with the fiber immediately. I’ll show you what my natural eyelashes looks like first for comparison purposes. They were not curled in the three pictures below:SAM_4667



Le sigh, they are quite short and sparse….plus they point downwards :( Here is what they look like curled. Pointing downward problem solved, but they are still short and undefined. I am wearing NEO Vision lenses in Glamour Green in case you were wondering, my natural eye colour is dark brown. I wish they were sparking brownish green like the colour of these lenses!


First coat-gel and fiber. Are you ready?? Drumroll please!!


The beauty of this product is, you can build it up as many times as you like to achieve your desired result. Meaning you can apply as many coats as you want without getting any clumps! Here’s what the second coat looks like, you can really see the increased length and definition with no clumps!!


The third and final coat. I stopped here because I don’t want my lashes to look like spider legs.


See the difference- before (right) and after (left)



Crazy difference right? The length increased 3-5 mm for definite! They look volumised too. Here’s the final look:



Hurrah for long and defined eyelashes!

7 hours later: The staying power for this mascara is great! The curl did not droop at all. I am truly impressed ;)

Minus points:

1. As much as I love the lengthening and defining effects, it simply took too much time to layer all the coats! The application for both eyes took me around 20 minutes in total and that’s just too long for mascara application when I am getting ready in a hurry. I’ll use these again when I have plenty of time to get ready.

2. The fibers can irritate sensitive eyes. Keep in mind that some of the fibers might fall into your eyes and cause irritation. I experienced a little discomfort when some of them got into my eyes, but nothing major. Just blink a few times and they’ll move to the inner corner where you can remove them easily.

3. The fibers can fall on top of your cheeks after a few hours. You need to have a compact mirror and check your face regularly throughout the day because some of them can fall off and collect on top of your cheeks. They don’t stick though, just quickly brush them off with your hands and you’re good to go!

Tip – Use an oil based makeup remover. The last thing I want is my eyelashes coming off with the built up fibers and mascara, so I use a gentle, oil based mascara remover in my makeup removing routine. It is working really well for me so far :)

Phew that’s one long, detailed review! I hope you are still with me and also hoping you enjoyed reading it :) I love trying out non-mainstream and affordable products so if you have any product suggestions let me know in the comment section below. Also tell me what you think of the eyelash extension kit, are you interested in purchasing one after reading this review??

See you again the next post!

Cecilia x

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  3. Hey! I’ve nominated you for the Fashionista award! Click on my page for my post about it:)xx

    • Thank you so much Leah!! I will definitely join the fun soon x

  4. Wow what a transformation I have tiny lashes like yours so I’m probably going to try this if I can get my hands in one of those.

    • It is an amazing mascara and so reasonably priced too, give it a go x

  5. Dear me, this looks amazing, honestly my limp lashes are beyond redemption so to see this is truly a glimmer of hope x

    • Buy a set, try it and let me know what you think! You won’t regret it x

  6. Your eye color is beautiful!!!!!!!! Wow what a transformation O.O Never heard of this product before so this is pretty cool :D

    • Hello there :) thanks for reading my post! I was wearing contact lenses, Neo Vision Glamour Green to be exact, I wish my eye colour was that pretty naturally haha. It is a brilliant mascara for someone who has pathetic eyelashes like me, try it out and you will like it too x

  7. Your eyelash transformation is amazing. It’s so hard to find a mascara that really lengthens without caking up. Great review!

    • My eyelashes are pathetic! As a result, I am really picky when it comes to mascaras… It is a great mascara, just need a lot of time to put all the layers on. Thanks for reading, hun x

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