Easy Summer Nails, no tools required – Blue sky, white clouds

Hi, my name is Cecilia and I am a new blogger. I’m gonna start my first post with a nail art tutorial as I love nail art! It’s an easy nail art, especially for beginners as I will be showing you how to achieve the look without any nail art tools,yay! It is a perfect design for the summer months:) Let’s jump straight into it, shall we?

What you need:

Sky blue nail polish – Angelica in Skylar

White nail polish – Angelica in French White

Top coat – No7 Perfect Top Coat

A bobbypin

A piece of paper/plastic surface to work on


Lets start! First, paint the sky blue color on your nails. I did two coats.


Next step, put a small blob of the white nail polish on your paper and ‘open’ your bobby pin.


Dip the tip of the bobby pin into the small blob of nail polish and ‘dot’ it onto your nail. No need to be overly tidy and cautious with this step, after all no two clouds are exactly the same! Continue dotting until you are happy with the clouds.



Tadah! Easy right? If you prefer, you can do an accent nail. I did all 10 nails under 5 minutes, it was that easy! I also decided to put ‘little birds’ on some of my nails. All you need is a black nail polish and a toothpick. Image

Dip the tip of the toothpick into the black nail polish and make a small M shape followed by a little dash under the bird. Don’t forget to add a coat of your favorite top coat. So here is the final look, cute and easy:)



So that’s my first nail art post and also my first post for this blog! Let me know what you think and check back for more nail art and other exciting stuff too!!


Cecilia x


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4 responses to “Easy Summer Nails, no tools required – Blue sky, white clouds

  1. Wow this is super cute! It looks like a tutorial that I may actually be able to do. I am horrible at painting my nails.

    • Thank you so much! It is super simple, if I can do it, you can definitely do it too! Have a look at the kiwi nails tutorial too, its is soo easy and it is such a cute nail design for the summer:) x

      • Thank you for your words of wisdom. I will definitely try! I just need to get a sky blue shade. I love that you used a bobby pin. Good resourcefulness.😀 I will definitely check out your kiwi design.

      • There will be loads more easy nail art tutorials coming up soon, please stay tuned! Thank you again for your kind and encouraging words, reminds me why I love blogging so much x

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